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Abraxas grossulariata (Magpie moth, GEOMETRIDAE)
Acanthobrahmaea europaea (European owl moth, BRAHMAEIDAE)
Acherontia atropos (Deathshead hawkmoth, SPHINGIDAE)
Actias dubernardi (Chinese moon moth, SATURNIIDAE)
Actias dulcinea (Sweetheart moonmoth, SATURNIIDAE)
Actias isis (Sulawesi moon moth, SATURNIIDAE)
Actias luna (Luna moth, SATURNIIDAE)
Actias maenas (Malaysian moon moth, SATURNIIDAE)
Actias selene (Indian moon moth, SATURNIIDAE)
Actias sinensis (Golden moon moth, SATURNIIDAE)
Actias rhodopneuma (Pink spirit moth,  SATURNIIDAE)
Aglais io (Peacock butterfly, NYMPHALIDAE)
Aloa lactinea (Red costate tiger moth,EREBIDAE – ARCTIIDAE)
Antheraea pernyi (Chinese Oak Silkmoth, SATURNIIDAE)
Antheraea polyphemus (Polyphemus moth, SATURNIIDAE)
Antheraea godmani (Godman’s silkmoth,  SATURNIIDAE)
Antherina suraka (Madagascar bullseye, SATURNIIDAE)
Arctia caja (Garden tiger moth, EREBIDAE – ARCTIIDAE)
Arctia villica (Creamspot tiger, EREBIDAE – ARCTIIDAE)
Areas galactina (Milky tiger, EREBIDAE – ARCTIIDAE)
Argema mimosae (African Moon Moth, SATURNIIDAE)
Ascalapha odorata (Black Witch Moth, EREBINAE)
Aurivillius aratus (Cat-eyed emperor, SATURNIIDAE)
Automeris io (Io moth, SATURNIIDAE)
Automeris tridens (Automeris – SATURNIIDAE)
Automeris cf niepelti (Niepelt’s eyed silkmoth – SATURNIIDAE)
Brahmaea tancrei (Siberian owl moth, BRAHMAEIDAE)
Bunaea alcinoe (Cabbage tree emperor moth – SATURNIIDAE)
Cachosaturnia cachara (SATURNIIDAE)
Callosamia promethea (Cherry silkmoth, SATURNIIDAE)
Catocala fraxini (Blue underwing moth, EREBIDAE – EREBINAE)
Cephonodes hylas (Coffeebean hawkmoth, SPHINGIDAE)
Citheronia azteca (Aztecan horned devil, SATURNIIDAE)
Citheronia beledonon (Mexican horned devil, SATURNIIDAE)
Citheronia bellavista (Fiery horned devil, SATURNIIDAE)
Citheronia laocoon (SATURNIIDAE)
Citheronia regalis (Hickory Horned Devil, SATURNIIDAE)
Copaxa sophorina (SATURNIIDAE)
Cricula trifenestrata (Cricula silkmoth – SATURNIIDAE)
Cossus cossus (Goat moth – COSSIDAE)
Dasychira sp. ex Sulawesi (EREBIDAE – LYMANTRIIDAE)
Deilephila elpenor (Elephant hawkmoth, SPHINGIDAE)
Dolbina tancrei (Amur grizzled hawkmoth, SPHINGIDAE)
Dryocampa rubicunda (Rosy maple moth, SATURNIIDAE)
Dysschema howardi (Giant Northern Flag, EREBIDAE- ARCTIIDAE)
Dysauxes ancilla (The Handmaid, EREBIDAE – ARCTIIDAE)
Epicopeia hainesii (Mock swallowtail butterfly moth – EPICOPEIIDAE)
Epiphora vacuna (Dark Lunar Emperor moth)
Euchromia foletti (Wasp moth, EREBIDAE – ARCTIIDAE)
Empyreuma pugione (Spotted oleander caterpillar, EREBIDAE – ARCTIIDAE)
Eryphanis sp. (Purple mort blue, NYMPHALIDAE)
Graellsia isabellae (Spanish moon moth, SATURNIIDAE)
Gonimbrasia tyrrhea (Zig-Zag Emperor moth, SATURNIIDAE)
Gonometa nysa (LASIOCAMPIDAE)
Hippotion celerio (Vine hawkmoth, SPHINGIDAE)
Holocerina angulata (Angled batwing, SATURNIIDAE)
Hyperchiria incisa (SATURNIIDAE)
Hyphantria cunea (Fall webworm, EREBIDAE – ARCTIIDAE)
Hyphoraia aulica (Brown tiger moth, EREBIDAE – ARCTIIDAE)
Laothoe populi (Poplar hawkmoth, SPHINGIDAE)
Lemaireodirphia albida (SATURNIIDAE)
Lobobunaea christyi (SATURNIIDAE)
Loepa oberthuri (Oberthür’s silkmoth, SATURNIIDAE)
Lonomia electra (Assasin caterpillar, SATURNIIDAE)
Lophocampa caryae (Hickory tussick moth,  EREBIDAE – ARCTIIDAE)
Lymantria dispar (Gypsy moth, EREBIDAE – LYMANTRIIDAE)
Lymantria monacha (Nun moth, EREBIDAE -LYMANTRIINAE)
Morpho peleides (Blue morpho, NYMPHALIDAE)
Mylantria xanthospila (Plushy tussock, EREBIDAE – LYMANTRIINAE)
Nudaurelia dione (SATURNIIDAE)
Orgyia antiqua (Vapourer moth, EREBIDAE -LYMANTRIINAE)
Paradirphia semirosea (SATURNIIDAE)]Papilio epiphorbas (Teardrop swallowtail, PAPILIONIDAE)
Papilio dehaani (Chinese peacock swallowtail, PAPILIONIDAE)
Papilio machaon (Old world swallowtail, PAPILIONIDAE)
Perisomena caecigena (Autumn Emperor Moth, SATURNIIDAE)
Rinaca lindia (Himalayan Emperor Moth, SATURNIIDAE)
Rhodinia fugax (Squeaking silkmoth, SATURNIIDAE)
Rhodinia verecunda (Taiwanese squeaking silkmoth, SATURNIIDAE)
Rothschildia aurota (SATURNIIDAE)
Rothschildia cincta (SATURNIIDAE)
Rothschildia jacobaeae (SATURNIIDAE)
Pachymeta contraria (LASIOCAMPIDAE)
Pseudimbrasia deyrollei (Deyrolle’s emperor, SATURNIIDAE)
Samia ricini (Eri silkmoth, SATURNIIDAE)
Saturnia pyri (Giant Peacock Moth, SATURNIIDAE)
Schizura concinna (Red humped caterpillar, NOTODONTIDAE)
Smerinthus ocellata (Eyed hawkmoth, SPHINGIDAE)
Trabala vishnou (LASIOCAMPIDAE)
Vanessa itea (Yellow admiral, NYMPHALIDAE)

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Citations: Coppens, B. (2019); Written by Bart Coppens; based on a real life breeding experience [for citations in literature and publications] 

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