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Abraxas grossulariata (Magpie moth, GEOMETRIDAE)

Acherontia atropos (Deathshead hawkmoth, SPHINGIDAE)

Actias dubernardi (Chinese moon moth, SATURNIIDAE)

Actias isis (Sulawesi moon moth, SATURNIIDAE)

Actias luna (Luna moth, SATURNIIDAE)

Actias maenas (Malaysian moon moth, SATURNIIDAE)

Actias selene (Indian moon moth, SATURNIIDAE)

Aglais io (Peacock butterfly, NYMPHALIDAE)

Antherina suraka (Madagascar bullseye, SATURNIIDAE)

Arctia caja (Garden tiger moth, EREBIDAE – ARCTIIDAE)

Arctia villica (Creamspot tiger, EREBIDAE – ARCTIIDAE)

Automeris tridens (Automeris – SATURNIIDAE)

Dryocampa rubicunda (Rosy maple moth, SATURNIIDAE)

Citheronia laocoon (SATURNIIDAE)

Copaxa sophorina (SATURNIIDAE)

Cricula trifenestrata (Cricula silkmoth – SATURNIIDAE)

Cossus cossus (Goat moth – COSSIDAE)

Deilephila elpenor (Elephant hawkmoth, SPHINGIDAE)

Dysschema howardi (Giant Northern Flag, EREBIDAE- ARCTIIDAE)

Euchromia foletti (Wasp moth, EREBIDAE – ARCTIIDAE)

Empyreuma pugione (Spotted oleander caterpillar, EREBIDAE – ARCTIIDAE)

Eryphanis sp. (Purple mort blue, NYMPHALIDAE)

Graellsia isabellae (Spanish moon moth, SATURNIIDAE)

Gonometa nysa (LASIOCAMPIDAE)

Hippotion celerio (Vine hawkmoth, SPHINGIDAE)

Hyperchiria incisa (SATURNIIDAE)

Hyphoraia aulica (Brown tiger moth, EREBIDAE – ARCTIIDAE)

Lemaireodirphia albida (SATURNIIDAE)

Lonomia electra (Assasin caterpillar, SATURNIIDAE)

Lophocampa caryae (Hickory tussick moth,  ARCTIIDAE)

Morpho peleides (Blue morpho, NYMPHALIDAE)

Paradirphia semirosea (SATURNIIDAE)

Papilio epiphorbas (Teardrop swallowtail, PAPILIONIDAE)

Papilio dehaani (Chinese peacock swallowtail, PAPILIONIDAE)

Papilio machaon (Old world swallowtail, PAPILIONIDAE)

Rothschildia cincta (SATURNIIDAE)

Rotschildia jacobaeae (SATURNIIDAE)

Samia ricini (Eri silkmoth, SATURNIIDAE)

Trabala vishnou (LASIOCAMPIDAE)

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