Welcome to my website

Welcome to my website!

My website is about breeding Lepidoptera in captivity, and provides tips and information to both beginners and more experienced breeders; as well as faunistic data about several taxonomic groups of moths. I, the owner of this website, Bart Coppens, would like to remind you that the contents of this website are based on my subjective personal experience. I am a Lepidopterist from the Netherlands, that breeds and records the life cycle of various species of moths in captivity. My aim is to record and also distribute this information, and to cultivate more respect and fascination for the wonderful world of insects.

Thanks for your readership.
The response this website has gotten is truly humbling; thank you my dear readers! Currently, it’s the biggest website on the internet about breeding moths – well, atleast in amounts of reads and visits, by far. In terms of quality, that’s subjective of course :^)

I would like to humbly thank you all for reading my website and following me online. Together, we will spread the good fight for insects.

Citations: Coppens, B. (2019); Written by Bart Coppens; based on a real life breeding experience [for citations in literature and publications] 

Was this information helpful to you? Then please consider contributing here (more information) to keep this information free and support the future of this website. This website is completely free to use, and crowdfunded. Contributions can be made via paypal, patreon, and several other ways.

All the funds I raise online will be invested in the website; in the form of new caresheets, but also rewriting and updating the old caresheets (some are scheduled to be rewritten), my educational websites, Youtube, breeding projects, the study of moths andconservation programs.

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61 thoughts on “Welcome to my website”

  1. Hey Bart,

    Been following your channel for nearly a year now, and all your work, effort and talent is truly inspiring. You are an asset to Lepidoptera community. Continue with this work and glorious hobby of yours. Can’t begin to tell how much I appreciate all you have done thus far and continue to do. A great big thanks to you!

    What ever happen to dear ole mom? Trust she is well these days. Only remember 1 video posted with you introducing your mom. Your one of the very fortunate fellows to have an outstanding mom. Look forward to seeing more of mom.

    I have noticed that you posted a section of your website was closed, cocoon sales. Just maybe you would kind enough to lead me in the right direction. Would certainly appreciate receiving some eggs of a few Saturniidae moths I have seen on your channel and list. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks kindly for your attention, with hope of receiving a return correspondence.

    You may recognize my name, as I have passed on comments to a handful of your vids.

    Best and warmest regards,
    Craig Palanek


  2. Hey all,

    If you folks wish to express and pass comment in reply to my post.. please do so in English. Reason being, I can only read and reply in my native language. Humbly sorry for any inconvenience caused.

    Certainly appreciate your understanding.

    Best wishes with warm regards,
    Craig Palanek


  3. I’ve been raising butterflies in captivity due to parasitic wasps in the area and because of it the butterflies have doubled in area. I do ask if your raising owl butterflies could you send information on raising them?


  4. Do you think you will ever preserve any of your moths or butterflies in liquid resin and sell them? They are so amazing. Anyway, I would shell out money for a few.


  5. Hello…I hope I’m reaching the correct person. I’m attempting to hatch out some Vapourer moth eggs I found and read your page about them. If successful, what should I do with the caterpillars once they get a little bit older? Is it okay just to release them near the tree where I found them (on the side of a boulevard near a Walgreens store In Arlington, Texas)? Thanks…and thanks for the great website! 👍😊


  6. Hi, I have been breeding rhino beetles for 5yrs, and I always wanted to breed hawk moths and hornworms. I was wondering if I could buy some hawk moth eggs from you guys, I am located in malaysia.



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The aim of this website is to provide information about many species of moths and butterflies around the world, with a slight focus on rearing them in captivity.