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Breeding guides: How to breed butterflies and moths? From beginner to expert, this hobby often raises questions and doubts. How to get started? How to raise caterpillars and pair moths? How to improve my methods? Fear not! If you click this link, you will find several “general” guides that show you how to breed moths and butterflies!

Databases: My database projects, that bundle faunistic information about various groups of Lepidoptera as long term projects. Includes host plant databases and more. Click here to proceed to my Lepidoptera information databases.

Species caresheets: The main feature of my website are the numerous guides and caresheets I have written about specific species – just so other breeders can copy my methods and succeed! Finding general information is not so hard, but where else in the world can you find guides about breeding species such as Gonometa nysa, Epicopeia hainesii or Thyas juno?

About me, other media + FAQ: About my favorite subject – myself! But in all seriousness, this section of my website contains all the information that personally related to me. My contact information, my personal opinions, breeding notes, a FAQ, long term goals and about me and my other websites and media.

Contribute and help!: I am a content creator that wants to spread awareness about the beauty and complexity of insects. My speciality is butterflies and moths (Lepidoptera). I believe awareness is very important, in a world where public interest in insects is declining. Your donation supports my independent research, my several websites and YouTube channel, my expeditions to other countries, breeding of them in captivity, development of books, guides, and insect conservation. But I cannot do this without the support of my readers and viewers! Consider donating or helping in other ways.

Dictionary (terms)  A dictonary of entomological terms that you may find on this website. Useful for both beginners and veterans!

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The aim of this website is to provide information about many species of moths and butterflies around the world, with a slight focus on rearing them in captivity.

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