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Dear visitor, welcome to the “General information” menu. My website contains several guides, instructions, menu’s and more. To make navigating easier, please select the page you want to visit below.

About cocoons and pupae  – This section contains instructions on how to care for pupae and cocoons and how to optimise the emergence of adult butterflies and moths, and overwintering them in their pupal stages.

About caterpillars, eggs and adults  – This section contains information about taking care of caterpillars, eggs and adult butterflies/moths, including some tips on rearing setups, containers and archieving pairings.

About me + FAQ – About me, the owner of this website (Bart Coppens) including some frequently asked questions and contact information.

About this website – About the purpose, future, scope and long term goals of my website, for those curious about my website itself and any potential updates.

Bart’s Biological notes – A notebook where I post my personal observations that are related to insects, biology, the environment and our universe as a whole; they are not strictly related to Lepidoptera and also contain some of my personal opinions.

Bart’s Lepidoptera notes – A notebook where I post my personal observations that are related to Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) alone, And also contains some of my personal opinions.

Caresheets – information and breeding guides about a wide selection of butterflies and moths in captivity

Dictionary (terms)  A dictonary of entomological terms that you may find on this website. Useful for both beginners and veterans!

Pairing (silk)moths – How to pair adults in captivity and produce fertile offspring, including tips on handpairing

Products (sales) and Business – To support this website and my hobby, I am working on providing a range of books, rearing containers, moth specimens, information and more. Take a look!

Publications & projects – This page contains a wide range of media that is relevant to me and my research. Contains my scientific publications, interviews, special media and reports.

Releasing butterflies and moths – This is about releasing captive bred butterflies and moths in the wild.

The full species list  – Take a look at the full list of caresheets this website has to offer, arranged by aphabetical order.

The rearing archives – The rearing archives is a community project that allows users to submit their own stories and rearing experiences.

Why we kill – Killing butterflies and moths. Is it a cruel and outdated practice or not? Read all about collecting here – and the motivation behind it.

Contribute and help!  – Support me and my mission to study all the moth species in the world, my website, my scientific projects and more, and be eligible for rewards too.

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The aim of this website is to provide information about many species of moths and butterflies around the world, with a slight focus on rearing them in captivity.

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