Actias (genus)

Genus Actias (Leach, 1815) are considered one of the three genera (Argema, Actias, Graellsia)  that contain species we commonly call “moon moths”.  The vast majority of species are Asian by origin and are found in the east, both in tropical and palearctic climates.  A few species are also found in the far east of Russia (still overlapping with the Asian fauna region) – and one representative, Actias luna, is found in North America.

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Actias chapae (Mell, 1950)
Actias heterogyna (Kishida, 1993)
Actias luna (Linnaeus, 1758)
Actias neidhoeferi (Ong et Yu, 1968)
Actias ningpoana (C. Felder & R. Felder, 1862)
Actias rhodopneuma (Röber, 1925)

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