Actias rhodopneuma host plant

Suitable host plants:
Cotinus coggygria (“Smoke-tree”)
Liquidambar styraciflua (“Sweetgum”)
Rhus typhina (“Staghorn sumac”)

Recommendations: Reportedly easy to breed in captivity, but rare to find in the wild, and thus, not studied very often. The food plants in the wild are poorly studied, and most of the plants in this list are captive hosts, not wild host. Specimens are costly, and females are preferably killed over their eggs being taken. For breeding, Cotinus, Liquidambar and Rhus work very well. Not many people dare to experiment with this precious species, but a chance exists that they may also accept other host plants that are accepted by other moon moths; willow (Salix), Rhododendron, and cherry (Prunus) are strong suggestions although yet unconfirmed.

Common name:  “Pink spirit moth”

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