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Scientific projects and publications:          

Not only do I breed insects for entertainment, I also aspire to make scientific contributions to the field of entomology. I consider myself an aspiring (amateur) entomologist. From time to time I am involved in scientific projects. Sometimes supported by other scientific institutions (botanical gardens, universities, entomological societies) and sometimes purely on my own. From time to time the species I obtain are occasional rarities or very obscure species and it would be a waste not to gather scientific   data from them! Here is a list of projects and publications.

Scientific publications: 

Life cycle and biology of Lonomia electra:

Coppens B, 2016.  “Kweek en beschrijving van de levensstadia van Lonomia electra in gevangenschap (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae)”- Entomologische Berichten 76 (6): 213-217 The .pdf file: eb-76-6-213-217-2-1-1

 Me in other media:  

Entomological Society of America about my research on Lonomia: a blogpost “Up close and personal with venomous moths”. See the link HERE (Click!)

IABES – International Association of Butterfly Exihibitors & Suppliers: International Flutterings, the e-magazine, with some good tips for breeding, news for butterfly breeders and and interview with me!


The first well-documented rearing of Pallastica mesoleuca in captivity!


The aim of this website is to provide information about many species of moths and butterflies around the world, with a slight focus on rearing them in captivity.

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