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Dear visitor, thanks for visiting my website. On this page, I hope to explain my reasoning behind the  how and why behind donations.

I accept donations via the following paypal button:

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Also please take a look at my Patreon HERE

And some FAQ about donations:
1. Why accept donations, this doesn’t seem like a charity case? 

That’s right! Entomology, and studying Lepidoptera, is the main passion in my life. Despite that, it is and has always been a massive time and money sink for me. That includes the creation of content for other people to enjoy, such as this website, my YouTube channel, writing scientific articles and performing amateur level scientific research, my photo albums and more. Obtaining the resources and materials for scientific research and breeding does get difficult at times. Basically, I will use your contribution to pour out more content. Not only online content such as my blogs, videos, caresheets, social media, and the cost of running this website attribute to the many resources this hobby requires; performing my own research projects aswell has not come cheap. For example, I have analysed the defensive chemicals of several tropical butterfly larvae such as Eryphanis sp. that are yet undescribed to science. Things such as GC-MS analysis, or DNA analysis that determine the Eryphanis down to species level (Eryphanis lycomedon and automedon cannot be distinguished without a DNA test for example), does not come cheap, certainly not as amateur entomologist with no funding for my independent research.

2. How is my contribution money applied?

The funding from donations would support:

  • The costs of keeping this website up (WordPress cost)
  • Various entomological research projects: describing the defensive secretions of tropical butterfly species (Brassolini species), describing the life cycle of various undocumented Saturniidae
  • The development of my book
  • Acquiring livestock
  • Acquiring host plant
  • Entomological equipment; material for dissection, IDing, and rearing equipment


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