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I need your help to run this website!

Dear visitor, thanks for visiting my website. On this page, I hope to explain my reasoning behind the  how and why behind donations.

I accept donations via the following paypal button:

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Also please take a look at my Patreon HERE (click link)

And some FAQ about donations:
1. Why accept donations, this doesn’t seem like a charity case? 

That’s completely right. I appreciate all my readers out there and will certainly never offer my content exclusively for money.  Entomology, and studying Lepidoptera, is the main passion in my life. Despite that, it is and has always been a massive time and money sink for me. I accept this and do not expect other people to cover these costs for me. The option to donate is only for those who are WILLING and ABLE to do it; I understand not everybody is in a position to donate; and I want to say that each and every visitor to my website is much appreciated.

 That being said, donations do make life easier for me; for the costs of running my webcontent are high, and I am not somebody that earns a lot. When I say “webcontent” I don’t exclusively mean this website – I also mean my scientific research, my YouTube content, my professional websites and hobby websites and  hobby projects related to education. While many researchers and scientists have fund grants or a research budget, I generally have to cover all my costs; something such as a DNA analysis can be costly or even a GC-MS on the defensive compounds of my larvae (which costs about $230!) can be demanding. Running this website also costs money, mainly because there are a lot of pictures on it that require storage space.

Thus, I have opened up the option for readers who like my content to contribute to my goal; and it has been succesful so far. Not only does the support from the community motivate me to work harder on my website and other media, it ensures it will survive and that I can afford to keep it up in harder times.

That being said, this option is ONLY for the people who are WILLING and ABLE. I appreciate all my readers out there, and I am to offer you all my content and caresheets for free, and I understand not everybody is in a position to contribute. Your readership however is much appreciated. I wouldn’t be anywhere without the people watching my videos and reading my caresheets. Entomology has always been  a collective effort.

2. How is my contribution money applied?

The funding from donations would support:

  • Compensating for the costs of keeping this website up (WordPress cost) – and my many other websites too, and paying for the extra storage space I have to buy because my website has a lot of pictures
  • Compensating for the cost of livestock (eggs, cocoons, pupae) and the required breeding materials (host plant, cages, containers). It’s an expensive hobby to breed as much species as I do!
  • Compensating for the cost of my subscriptions to several scientific journals that I have to keep up with (such as Troplep, Lepsoc, Entomologische Berichten) research wise. Such costs can be high, some journals cost over $125 per year to be a member of
  • The development of my publications (on scientific and informal level). Some journals ask a publication fee aswell!
  • Compensating for the time and costs  involved in giving readings, education on schools, courses in biology of Lepidoptera and more
  • Publishing costs, cost of literature and anything related to scientific projects

Two ways of contributing

Apart from the donation button available on my website, I am also working on my Patreon (click here!) Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that allows content creators to gain support with their created content.

My contact info:

 Facebook: Click here! 
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YouTube: Click here
Patreon: Click here
Instagram: Click here
Professional website: Click here! 

Was this information helpful to you? Then consider contributing here (click!) to keep this information free and support the future of this website.



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