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Dear reader, I personally own a medium to small YouTube channel that is mainly focussed on butterflies and moths, but occasionally  also covers other subjects related to biology. At the time of writing it has about 3000 subscribers, although it is projected to have 10.000 to 15.000 subscribers in a few years time at the current rate of growth.

Are you patron? Then see below for significant price reductions/rewards. 

I also do videos upon request, covering a wide range of subjects – and my viewers have the power to pick these subjects for me, although I do charge for them depending on the subject. Depending on what the audience likes and appreciates, they tend to recieve between 100 and potentially thousands of views.


Video requests:

Butterfly and moth related subject:
Cost: $10 per 15 minutes (total: up to 60 minutes)
Examples of this: How did butterflies evolve, what is the function of scales, what is the biology of [X or Y] species, how do the toxic spines of caterpillars function?

An invertebrate related subject:
Cost: 15$ per 15 minutes (total: up to 60 minutes)
Examples of this: What are the most important insect hormones, how did spiders evolve, how do invertebrates breathe, what is the most poisonous insect?

A biology related subject: 
Cost: 20$ per 15 minutes (total: up to 60 minutes)
Examples of this: What are invasive species, how does evolution work, how did lungs evolve, what is the biggest threat to biodiversity?

About the natural world but not strictly biology: 
Cost: 25$ per 15 minutes (total: up to 60 minutes)
Examples of this: What is radiation, how do time and space function, how old is our planet?

A personal subject:
Cost: 35$ per 15 minutes (total: up to 60 minutes)
Examples of this: Anything about my personal life and aspirations and answering your personal questions about this (what is your job, where do you live, do you have a girlfriend, do you have problems)

Submit personal content
To support my YouTube channel, I am allowing certain users to submit their own content to me, which I will upload – effectively allowing them to promote themselves via or educate my userbase about certain subjects such as the cool butterfly or moth you have filmed, your personal amateur documentary, or commercials that suit the scope of my channel.  The content must be your own original content and must not violate any copyright laws or YouTube guidelines. 
Cost: depends on content (see below) – it falls in two categories –  (A) amateur butterfly and moth videos or (B) personal/commercial promotion or advertisement related to the scope of my channel.  I am currently not accepting user submitted content that does not fit in these categories (so I can’t upload your alligator breeding guide or cute kitten video!) 

A: User content – amateur butterfly and moth content: 10$ per video (maximum: 15 minutes) – your personal video that includes butterflies and moths for educational and non-commercial purposes. The language must either be English or another language with English subtitles.
Good examples:A video of you breeding a certain species of butterfly, you talking or vlogging about a certain species or aspect of Lepidoptera biology, amateur documentaries, a compilation of  tropical butterflies you filmed during your vacation, you light trapping
Bad examples: It is hard to think of any 🙂 although of course I have standards, the video must have reasonable quality and must be user-friendly.

B: Commercials/promo’s/advertisement: 45$ per video (maximum: 15 minutes) – must be related to either biology, ecology or insects.  The language must either be English or another language with English subtitles.
Good examples: products such as books about insects, insect traps, a website where you sell livestock, your personal Instagram or YouTube channel promo related to insects, entomological trips.
Bad examples: commercials for deodorant, fast food, or any and all products completely unrelated to nature, ecology, biology or insects (or companies that sell them).

Patreon benefits:
Rewards tier Pieris brassicae: Your video will be 5 minutes longer than required for free.
Reward tier Polyommatus icarus: The cost of the entire video is reduced by 10%.
Reward tier Danaus plexippus: The cost of the entire video is reduced by 25%.
Reward tier Morpho peleides: One completely free video per month – but with one exception. Details: Your personal video requests will be for free no matter what subject and your user submitted content in category A will be completely free too (amateur butterfly and moth videos).  However, the exception is that I will still charge you  for category B user submitted content (these are the commercials and advertisements!) but with a price reduction of 50%.

What I will not cover:
1. Subjects that may potentially ‘scare away’ subscribers, such as politics or controversial (explicit language, sex, violence, ethical issues) subjects. Do I even have my political opinions? Yes I do, but I feel like they are not appropriate for my YouTube channel – the main focus is breeding and studying butterflies and moths and on top of that insects in general/invertebrates/biology/wildlife come as secondary subjects that are rarely, but sometimes, covered by me. My YouTube channel already covers a very narrow and specific interest and I can not afford to alienate a part of my fan base for that reason for it needs to have a broad and inclusive appeal.

2. Purely commercial content is allowed but it must have something to do with the scope of my channel and website.

Terms and agreements:
A request starts with you contacting me via a private message with your personal video request. Once I respond, we shall settle the details such as the length of the video, your expectations and the required production time. After settling this via social media, e-mail or patreon,  the payment will be made and I will get to work.

User submitted content must be sent to me, and I will review it if I deem it suitable enough to use for my channel. The content must be yours and not interfere with copyright laws or Youtube’s terms and conditions and must be suitable for a wide audience. I reserve the right to personally judge what material is right for my viewers and which is not. After both parties have agreed on the content, the payment is made and we agree on an upload date.
Note: I will include a small “outro” after user submitted content. While I will not edit or alter any parts of your personally made video, I will add a short fragment at the end of the video explaining viewers that this content was user submitted, thus making them aware of this fact. The description mentions this fact aswell. The video will be included in a playlist with user submitted content.

Dear reader – thank you very much for visiting! Your readership is appreciated. Are you perhaps….. 

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The aim of this website is to provide information about many species of moths and butterflies around the world, with a slight focus on rearing them in captivity.

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