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I have a wide selection of external websites that I am always working on.

Butterfly Pupae Supplies: Buy your own cocoons and pupae of butterflies and moths here! Link – click here to go

Instagram: A social media app/website that allows you to upload pictures, both as a photo album and a way to share silly pictures with friends. Link – click here to go

Youtube: My amount of subscribers are always and ever growing. Please subscribe and get content about insects, moths, butterflies and other silly things every day! Link – click here to go

Business website: Bart Coppens entomology is my commercial website, that I use for business enquiries, advertisement, sales, commercial breeding, consulting, research and more. Link – click here to go

Flickr: A photo storage website that allows you to store large amounts of photos. Includes a free to use giant photo album with some of my best breeding pictures. Curious? Link – click here to go

Facebook: My personal page is called moth of the day, and reposts some of my best pictures, memes and content. Like the page with a Facebook account for constant updates. Curious? Link – click here to go

Researchgate: Find some of my publications, papers, and research over the coming years on Researchgate. If you are interested in some of my findings, go to this link – Link-  click here to go

Redbubble: A website where you can sell merchandise with your own pictures and designs. Perhaps a bit silly but all in good fun, for those looking to use my pictures as decoration.. Link – click here to go

Pijlstaarten: About the hawkmoth species (Sphingidae) of the Netherlands. A specific subject in my native language, if you happen to be Dutch and want to know more, them check this out:  Link – click here to go

Mothservations: A long term project that will take multiple years to finish. Website not yet fully functional. But take a sneak peak if you want, it will be a database of all the Lepidoptera I have photographed before. Link – click here to go

Showbird: If you live in or close to the Netherlands, it’s possible to book me for entomological/Lepidoptera related services. Interested? Then look at the link – Link – click here to go

Patreon: Support my websites, my breeding, my museum work, my videos, books, guides, research and more by crowdfunding me. Link – click here to go / For those that dislike Patreon there is Subscribestar / Link – click here to go

Moth of the Day: My Facebook page that reposts endless pictures of my moths, insects, humour, memes and personal life. Sounds good? Then like and follow! Link – click here to go

Gofundme projects: Just in case I get more media exposure in the future, I have a few special crowdfunding projects set up to help insects and my own projects.

Whatsapp group: Join my group chat and talk with other entomologists! Join by clicking the following link: Link – click here to go

Facebook group: Join my entomology group focussed on insects & the science of entomology. Join by clicking the following link: Link – click here to go

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Citations: Coppens, B. (2019); Written by Bart Coppens; based on a real life breeding experience [for citations in literature and publications] 

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The aim of this website is to provide information about many species of moths and butterflies around the world, with a slight focus on rearing them in captivity.

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