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Please find a list below of my other media.

Youtube channel: I am a reasonably succesful YouTuber with at the time of writing 3500 subscribers. My amount of subscribers is projected to grow to 10.000 to 20.000 over the span of 2 to 4 years time, and more, if we look at the current rate of growth.  Click here to go to my Youtube channel (Bart Coppens)

Instagram:  While I am not a huge fan of social media like Instagram, I guess I have to stay with the current times – and besides, it is a convenient platform to get attention for my insect pictures! Click here to go to Instagram (@coppensb)

Facebook: I am very active on Facebook, although inbox messages can go ignored due to large amounts of requests. Click here to go to Facebook

Mothservations: Under construction, to be finished in 2019 to 2021. A large photogallery and database that contains pictures of all my insects, with information about their biology. Click here to go to mothservations

Patreon: My crowdfunding platform that I use to invest in my equiment and the quality of my content. Click here to go to Patreon

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The aim of this website is to provide information about many species of moths and butterflies around the world, with a slight focus on rearing them in captivity.

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