Lasiocampidae (Lappet moths)

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Lasiocampidae is a family of rather plump moths with about 2000 described species. The adult moths of Lasiocampidae do not feed and are short lived for this reason, usually living for one or two weeks only as adult. Lasiocampidae often have big hairy larvae that are not uncommonly armed with sharp splinter-like hairs (or spines rather). One should take care, for these spines are very sharp and can embed themselves in the skin. Though they are not known to be venomous, some people can react severly to these splinter like hairs. This suggest that in some species they may be coated in certain compounds that may acts a urticants.  Lasiocampidae larvae seem to be very hardy and very apt survivors. In many cases, Lasiocampidae overwinter as larvae, facing harsh cold and frost. They can also be found in  the harshest deserts of the world where not much other large Lepidoptera are able to survive. They can spin very though and hard cocoons, and in some cases the larvae incorporate their sharp spines in the silk as to give it extra protection.

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