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I breed over 40 moth species a year, including many Saturniidae, Arctiinae, Lasiocampidae, Sphingidae and more. I keep a small mailing list for the people who are interested in any spare eggs, cocoons and offspring if I am succesful with breeding my own moths. To this select group of people, I will sell cocoons and eggs.

I only offer this service to patrons via Patreon.  (or people that have used other ways to donate in the past) Because of extremely high demand, I am unable to statisfy everybody (I get tons of messages every day asking for eggs). I prefer to trade them behind the scenes with people that offer me unusual species OR people that have helped crowfund my website and breeding. This way I can reward the people that have supported me and my goals, plus this way I can avoid trading with the “general public” (something that is difficult for me, because I often have little supply to statisfy a gigantic demand because of my many followers on social media that will ask for eggs every day!)

To use this A) be a patron and B) send me a private message stating that you are interested, after that you will be on the list.

I only ship to the USA and Europe

Gonometa nysa

Lobobunaea christyi

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The aim of this website is to provide information about many species of moths and butterflies around the world, with a slight focus on rearing them in captivity.

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