Bart’s dream species

Here are some species that I would love to breed most. Unfortunately most of them are very rare and will be unobtainable in the hobby, or are obtainable but hard or impossible to breed due to their host plants being unavailable or unrecorded. So it is quite the wish list of a snob. But you never know.

– Leucanella apollinairei
– Citheronia vogleri
– Chrysopsyche mirifica
– Polythysana sp. (any species)
– Lonomia obliqua or L. achelous
– Eudaemonia sp. (any species) 
– Ornithoptera sp. (any species – yes there is a butterfly on the list!)
– Eochroa trimeni
– Caligula anna 
– Eubergia sp. (any species) 
– Ubaena sp. (any species)
– All the red/pink coloured Pseudodirphia and Cerodirphia species + Rhodirphia carminata
– Pseudautomeris (any species)
– The largest Automeris species (janus, postalbida, egeus, larra, metzli, curvilineata etc.) 
– Coequosia triangularis
– Procitheronia (any species) 
– Actias chapae, neidhoeferi, rhodopneuma, groenendaeli – rare and cool moon moths
– Gonometa sp. (all species) 
– Axiopoena maura – one of the biggest and mysterious tiger moths
– Loepa obscuromarginata
– Archaeosamia watsoni
– Coscinocera hercules
– Citheronioides collaris 
– Automerina sp. (species like A. auletes)
– Bunaeopsis sp. 
– Thyas juno 
– Otroeda sp
– Borearctia menetriesii
– Aurivillius sp.
– Loxolomia sp.
– Heliconisa pagenstecheri

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