Rothschildia cincta

Rothschildia cincta is a predominantly Mexican species of Rothschildia moth. However, a part of its range extends across the border of Mexico into a small part of North America (Arizona), making it one the few Rothschildia recorded in the United States.


  • Difficulty rating: 4/10 (Easy to breed)
  • Host plants: Ligustrum, Salix, Syringa, Prunus, Quercus, Mimosa, Schinus, Sapium and many more
  • Natural range:  Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, and other places in South America. 
  • Polyphagous: yes  
  • Generations: Bivoltine (Has two to three generations per year in the wild, overwinters as coocoon)
  • Family: Saturniidae (silkmoths)
  • Pupation: Cocoon (silk encasing)
  • Prefered climate: Dry, hot and arid environments with mild to cold winters (Mexico, Arizona)
  • Special notes: The caterpillars can have a very rare yellow colour form. 

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