Butterfly Pupae Supplies

Do you need fresh butterfly and moth pupae? I can help. My name is Bart Coppens; independent moth breeder and entomologist. I am partnered with a company called “Butterfly Pupae Supplies” BPS.  Personally, I help this company as a consultant – it is my job to start breeding programs of new and exciting species of butterflies and moths in various countries for export to butterfly farms and hobbyists. I also help this company with shipping, livestock sales, and conservation programs that help conserve the butterflies and moths we love in the wild.

How do I order? 

Please visit our website (CLICK HERE) to see the current availability list of species – it changes every few weeks. What we sell varies a lot.  Another way to contact me is: email me at: bart@butterflypupaesupplies.com and bart.coppens@hotmail.com – or simply order from our website! 

Various unique species of butterflies and moths will be available for sale as cocoons – worldwide shipping.  And I will personally work on exporting, breeding and selling very unique and interesting species for hobby entomologists.

Are you a butterfly farm?

While we also serve the hobbyists and enthousiasts, we can offer butterfly farms a constant supply of butterfly pupae. If you need wholesale of butterfly pupae in bulk, contact us and we can negotiate offering you a constant stream of pupae – we can design a program to deliver you 500+ pupae per week consistently.

Dear Reader; thank you for visiting the sales page. All sales help me run this educational website, my research, and conservation programs.

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The aim of this website is to provide information about many species of moths and butterflies around the world, with a slight focus on rearing them in captivity.

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