Agapema dyari (Cockerell, 1914)

Agapema dyari (Cockerell, 1914)
“Dryard’s agapema”

Suitable host plants:
Condalia ericoides  (Rhamnaceae) “Javelin bush”

Recommendations:  The full species status of Agapema dyari is subject of debate, and is often considered to be a subspecies of Agapema anona – the Agapema anona dyari, while other works consider Agapema dyardi to be a full species. True species or not, it becomes clear that the biological differences between Agapema dyardi and Agapema anona are small. Thus, while other than Condalia ericoides  there do not seem to be much host plant descriptions literature, nor are there many observations made by hobbyists, all host plants accepted by Agapema anona should be worth a try (such as Celtis, Condalia, Sarcobatus). All Rhamnaceae should be worth a try, although this species seems to be picky and is rather shy to try out any alternative host plants.  Condalia ericoides however, remains the most significant host plant in the wild.

Common name:  “Dyard’s Agapema”
Distribution: Mexico, New Mexico, Texas

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