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This website is crowdfunded. That means that  this website can stay online and will grow bigger because of the donations of readers. There are many ways one can contribute to my website.

One way to do it is via Paypal. To send a single payment, click the donate button below and write the amount you wish to send me – any amount helps. If the button does not work, Click Here. 

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Another way to support me, is via Patreon. Patreon is a crowdfunding platform, where people can show support by pledging a certain amount – this can be anything from 1$ and higher. This amount of money is then transferred to me monthly, like a subscription. Patreon users, in return for this subscription, get exclusive videos, guides, can vote in polls that decide what videos I will make, and more. To visit, click the image button below or if that doesn’t work, Click Here. 

But why?

I know, I know. Some of you will visit my website, see the donate button and cringe. So why is it on here?

First all I want to say that I don’t expect other people to pay for my hobbies and projects. One of my core values is free and accessible information; and I feel like too much information about insects is hidden behind the scenes or behind paywalls. Not everyone can afford to buy books, scientific publications or has inside knowledge. And thus, my website is publicly available and free to use for everyone. And I’m glad to do that. The aim of this website is not to make profit.

The first reason is a simple one – resources. Keeping this website online isn’t free – far from it in fact. WordPress hosting costs money, especially if you use a lot of pictures (storage space) and so does having a domain; usually ranging between 100$ to 550$ per year in costs depending on your plan. Next to this, breeding moths is an expensive and time consuming hobby, especially if one wants to study rare and hard to get species. Is this a big problem? No, no not at all. I love it. It’s my passion and my hobby.

However, it is a setback when it comes to the size and quality of this website. When readers support my work to compensate for my time and costs, there is a mutually beneficial relationship where I am able to write more guides and information. Money goes towards storage space (pictures), obtaining eggs and cocoons of rare species, and the equipment that is needed to breed and also photograph them. The bigger the budget, the more improvements there can be made, and the more I can write.

The second reason is time.  I am a very busy man. I’m an insect enthousiast from the Netherlands; but there is more to my life than just this website. For example, I work multiple jobs. I work for natural history museums as a conservator for the insect collections. I’ve worked as warehouse operator for DHL, a physically demanding job. I’m a consultant for butterfly farms, sometimes traveling in Asia for months to set up breeding programs.  I run a succesful Youtube channel about moths, that also deserves attention and love. Oh and next to that? I’m a student. I’m trying to study biology; study alone can be very hard and stressful for me, considering I have to combine it with multiple jobs, my online platforms, my hobby and more. And time is money. Being able to take a few extra days off work to improve my website can make a gigantic positive impact on the quality.

What are my donations used for?

  • Compensating for the money it costs me to run this website; which is between 100$ and 550$ per year – especially pictures cost storage space. It makes a huge difference to me, both financially and emotionally, if this website is not drain of resources.
  • Obtaining eggs and cocoons of interesting species to breed; the interesting and rare moths people are curious about can be expensive to obtain. The bigger my budget, the more amazing the species I can show here will be in the future.
  • Equipment: photography (camera equipment) for pictures but also the tools I require to breed moths; which include host plants for my garden, plastic breeding containers, netting cages, petri dishes and more.
  • Supporting my terrible diet that consists of energy drinks, kebab and pizza (just kidding – or am I?).
  • Allowing me to take breaks from work to make updates to this website is very significant for me. Imagine squeezing all this webcontent between the hours you are supposed to work and sleep. Time is money; time is quality.

What are the benefits? 

  • Supporting a content creator that works with insects. In a world where insects are declining, people aren’t even interested in them sadly. While conservation and research are important, they are impossible without public interest. Nobody is going to fight for the conservation of animals of which nobody even knows that they exist! Websites like these, that indulge in their beauty and complexity while encouraging hobbyism, may be a platform to breed interest and education.
  • Bigger and better content. Imagine caresheets of those legendary species; Actias chapae, Argema mittrei, Polythysana cinerascens, Ornithoptera, Copiopteryx? It sounds impossible right now. But it is not, with the right budget and time.
  • (Patreon only!) sponsors that live in Europe or the United States have priority when it comes to livestock. If I have spare eggs, cocoons or specimens of rare species, I share them with sponsors first. Please do note that this does depend  on the availability, seasons and the law regarding shipping live exotic insects; I don’t always have things to trade or for sale, so it shouldn’t be a prime motivation to help me, although I can make a favor in return for a favor. Since I have a high profile in the entomological world and online, I am also not willing to break the law and ship insects to countries where they are not legal. Patrons can also vote in polls that decide what videos I will make, and get behind the scenes info.
  • Helping insects. Education and conservation go hand in hand. I have more or less dedicated my life to studying these animals, promoting them and spreading information about them. We can speculate about how this helps them in the long run; but I do believe this makes a positive impact. Conservation starts in the minds of people!
  • Ensuring the long term survival of this website, and perhaps keep it available for free to users that may not have the financial means to donate.  Not everyone is in a financial position where they can donate, or have spare money; but for those people, my website is also available – it is for everyone! You’re not only helping me to write it, you are also helping others read it by sponsoring its existence online.

But wait, helping me shouldn’t cost money!

That’s right though. Money is pretty important, but supporting shouldn’t just revolve around that. There are other ways you can help me if you wish!

Improve my spelling: First of all, English is not my native language and for that reason this website can contain spelling mistakes, improper wording or weirdly worded sentences that make no sense at all. I also tend to confuse or misspell some words. If you are one of my readers and have spotted a misspelling or language error, then please report it to me so I can correct it – this helps me improve the quality.

Give me information: I am looking for interesting stories of unusual species of butterflies and moths being raised in captivity, including pictures, as part of my community project The Rearing Archives.  Have you raised obscure, rare or unusual species? Then please post them to me, and consider me hosting your story on my website!

Livestock exchange: I am always looking for cocoons and eggs of interesting species to add to my website. Especially eggs from Saturniidae, Arctiinae, Lasiocampidae and other families featured on my website are welcome; I may even offer you an attractive price for them. Species that are not featured on my website as caresheets are species I don’t have enough pictures of, and breeding more of them would be a welcome experience. I am also looking for many species from Africa, South America and temperate to tropical Asia.

Spread the word:  That’s a simple, but important one. For somebody with such a specific hobby, I do have moderate ‘success’ and even a reasonably large following on social media. My YouTube account, Instagram, Facebook – you name it, each follower helps! I also encourage readers to share my website with others.

Community: Join the moth Whatsapp Group!

My Paypal: this link, PayPal users can send me a single and one-time payment: for those that want to show support but do not want subscription based platforms.

Buy me a coffee! My Ko-Fi: Click here to go to Ko-fiThe platform Ko-Fi is more like an online tip jar, that allows viewers to donate a small amount for the price of one coffee(about 3.50$ per tip). It is small but thoughtful, and unlike Patreon, not subscription or commitment based.

Dear reader – thank you very much for visiting! Your readership is appreciated. Are you perhaps….. 

Was this information helpful to you? Then please consider contributing here (click!) to keep this information free and support the future of this website. This website is completely free to use, and crowdfunded. Contributions can be made via paypal, patreon, and several other ways. 

The aim of this website is to provide information about many species of moths and butterflies around the world, with a slight focus on rearing them in captivity.

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